What We Do
We help you get a fresh start, at NO COST to you.

Financial Samaritan is the pioneer in using a fair and low-stress way to renegotiate consumer debts. We help individuals and families achieve a better quality of life by reducing their debts to a manageable level. Within months, many of our customers see improved credit scores, lower debts, and greater stability. Here are some features of our system:

  • We charge you nothing for the service. “Nothing” means zero up front and zero any time later. You sign no contract and we play no games. It’s natural to be skeptical at first, but all you need to do is read the “Who We Are” section of our site to understand why we would provide our services for free.

  • Other outfits may claim to be “free” but they ask you to send payments through them- then they skim some or all of those payments while forgetting to forward them to your creditors. We never ask you to send us any money at all and never ask for access to your bank account, so there’s no way for us to be anything but free.

  • We stop the constant phone calls from debt collectors whose goals are to annoy and disrupt your life to the point of desperation.

  • We help you by negotiating discounted payoffs for all sorts of debts- credit card debt, medical debt, student loans, and even auto and mortgage loans.

  • We use a patented process to analyze your unique circumstances and challenges. We then communicate to creditors through a highly automated process that avoids the typical bullying behavior of debt collectors. By presenting the creditor with unbiased facts, we make it easier for the creditor to understand your situation. At the end of the day, we’re really good at negotiating for you.

  • If you happen to be unemployed or under employed, we also help to find employment opportunities. If necessary, we can assist to identify resources for you in order to receive local assistance from public and private social service agencies.

Because of our success in helping so many people get back on their feet financially, some state governments have contacted us to assist them by setting up programs in their state to provide some services we are providing to you through Financial Samaritan System.