Our beliefs and values guide Who We Are.

The phrase “Samaritan” has come to mean someone who helps a stranger. That is why our company is named Financial Samaritan. We are on a mission to help millions of strangers put some financial stability back into their lives.

We can’t solve every problem, but we know we can make an impact on the financial fortunes of millions of Americans. Our goals will sound absurd to conventional thinkers on Wall Street or Capitol Hill, but the goal is not nearly as illogical as it sounds.

132 million Americans (56% of adults) have sub-prime credit scores — which means they have difficulty obtaining credit and pay too much for the credit they have.

77 million Americans are being pursued by debt collectors and creditors for a least one delinquent debt.

20 million Americans are unbanked - meaning they have no access to the banking services that most of us take for granted.

53 million Americans are under-banked - they may have a bank account but can’t effectively use it due to the lack of accessible funds, such as a current paycheck.

For decades, we have observed consumers fight and lose the battle of paying their bills, while trying to keep their head above water. We are tired of seeing breadwinners lose a job or a family member suffer a debilitating illness through no fault of their own, or lose their home, car or stability of their family. We are tired of observing politicians of both parties blame each other, but fail to understand that avoiding financial catastrophe is mostly a "hand-up" - not a "hand-out".

Financial Samaritan provides that hand-up.
  • We help people get out of their debt obligations in a way that is honorable without costly bankruptcy. Some would argue helping people escape their debts constitutes a moral hazard. We think exactly the opposite - it is a moral imperative. Both consumers and creditors win.

  • We help people find jobs that are commensurate with their skills and abilities. We don't try to train for new skills - there are plenty of other opportunities for those who are willing to work for them.

  • We help people identify public and private social services for which they qualify. Finding jobs and negotiating debts takes time. The need for help is today. Social Services can fill that gap with assistance while we provide our debt negotiation services.

  • We help people learn money management and budgeting skills. Most people avoid these subjects because they are boring and sound like drudgery. It does not need to be that way. Our interactive tools make learning fun and rewarding.

  • We offer consumers the kind and type of products and services that are needed and in a manner that is not predatory. Good products and good value go together.

  • We offer and encourage everyone to have insurance coverage in order to protect against catastrophic events. Maybe we cannot protect against all the little hazards of life, but we need a plan for those tragedies in life - getting sick or hurt, a storm, an auto accident, or a fire.

Financial Samaritan helps consumers achieve incremental and continual advances that will raise credit scores and reduce the ratio of obligations to income. The immediate result is families with access to more credit at a lower cost and affordable insurance protection. Most importantly, the long-term result is healthier families, children who are better achievers in school, and the opportunity to build even modest amounts of wealth that will act as a shock absorber for the issues that happen in life.

Who are we? We are Financial Samaritan and we make a difference for our nation by providing strangers a hand-up.